Our young generation is full of energy and confidence. They want to try new things and make the most out of life. Every now and then the fashion changes and each youngster want to make it a part of their life. To do these things they need opportunities and guidance. The work of famous designers which we are all very willing to wear must have also come from the creativity of the young mind which once wandered around and used things in different manners. The youth needs to be given this chance as well as everyone has the right to wear what they think is the correct choice for them. The pocket money given to the teenagers is not enough to buy latest designer items. However, no one can stop them from using cheap stickers to design their own things in the budget they have. This is more advantageous for them as this will give them the opportunity to explore the hidden creativity in their minds and use it for their own benefit.

custom stickers

Shoes are the main accessories amongst new generation. They give them the look they want which is often referred to as “cool”. The designer shoes which these youngsters like are very expensive and mostly out of the range of money they have. Hence doing some work of art and making the shoes look funky is a job that they would happily do. It is easy to do and you can have a lot of fun while designing your shows.

Some people may think that it is a difficult task to do designing on the shoes but it is not. It is very easy and if you follow a few simple steps you can easily achieve the kind of design that is wanted and will not be disappointed. There are kits available in the markets which are created for this purpose. These contain two strips of custom stickers and two strips of tracing paper which is adhesive and see through. In order to start designing your shoes firstly what you need to do is to put the tracing paper on the area of the shoe which needs to designed and then use a marker or a pencil to trace it. After doing this take out the sticker and cut it alongside the lines which you have just drawn. This will give your design the same shape as the area you want to cover on the shoe. The next step is simple. You now just need to peel off the back of the sticker so that the sticky part can be exposed and very carefully and precisely place it on the shoe on the location where designing needs to take place.

It is not necessary that one needs to buy this kit to customize the shoes. You can just go to any sticker printing shop and get the pre-cut stickers that can be placed on the shoes without going through all the trouble of tracing and cutting. You can just crack the sticker and paste it on the shoe.