Versatility in things is an essential element for the wider use of that product. If things are made in the same manner then nothing will ever change and this will create a problem because people are always yearning for new things. New things give them hope that the world is full of surprises. What seemed impossible yesterday has become a common thing at the present day. Hence, if something seems to be very hard and not possible to do then do not lose because tomorrow it would become easier. Stickers are amazing products which are available at each and every place for your convenience. They have gotten so famous that one can even buy online stickers which will be delivered at your doorsteps. However, to make sure that the versatility of stickers remains, there are many kinds of materials that are used.

Usage of stone !

The base materials used for sticker making are also referred to as stocks. The main stock that is used for this purpose is called litho or lithographic printing. The most important thing for this kind of material to be used and which has become a principle is that oil and water do not mix. Unlike some other processes like intaglio, lithography only uses one surface. In the past stones were used for this purpose and made sure that the areas containing images attract the oil-based inks and the wet areas repel the oil-based ink. When you wanted to make a design you just needed to press the stone on the surface where you want the printing to be done and the image side of the stone which is oil based will leave an imprint on that thing. Artists especially students usually still use stones but for the commercial purposes metal plates are now used to make these stickers in mass production.

Get flexibility:

Latex is another material which can be used for the purposes of making stickers. The speciality that it possesses is that it is not very rigid but is extremely flexible. These kinds of stickers can be very important assets for our skin. Skin stickers should be flexible as our skin is stretchy all the time. Therefore we need something that will stretch with so as to look like a part of it and more importantly does not damage the skin in any way.

Vinyl stock is a common stock to be used for the purpose of making vinyl stickers or what we also refer to as vinyl stickers. This material is very beneficial as it is water resistant or waterproof which means that they can be used in many places like outdoors, fridge and showers. Unlike paper stock which is another material used for creating cheap stickers, vinyl decals are harder to tear apart and the ink does not easily fade away.

Other than the mentioned materials there are some other materials like metal foil and thermal stock. Foil gives a shiny texture to the sticker and thermal stickers change colour when they are heated.